Breaking The Job Search Rules


We came across an interesting article from Forbes recently, which looked at how some of the job seeking rules that can be broken. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

The rules of job-seeking change quickly. We’ve graduated from newspaper cuttings to online job boards in a relatively short space of time. CVs are rarely printed any more; e-mail has become the best form of application and the job search model is changing around us. Here are some of the rules that have changed in recent years –

Blanketing CVs
Sending out a stock CV to as many employers as possible used to be a good idea, but not anymore. Applicant tracking systems, keyword monitors and software that analyses your experience – these are all reasons why you should target your CV to the company role specifically.

Following Up
In the past it had been courtesy and almost expected to check up on your application, but in the age of thousands of applications for a single role, you’re doing nothing but risking annoying the employer. If you simply must follow up, an e-mail is enough.

Formal Language
Cover letters have always been written in a formal, archaic language intended to show your professionalism. Nowadays, it’s often advised to be more conversational and friendly in your approach. Do some research on the company and find out how they work; with that you can tailor your personality to match the company culture.

Wearing the Suit
Appearances are no less important than they have been in the past, but it’s no longer expected that you should always wear a suit. If you’re applying to a design agency where everybody wears jeans and sweaters, you can still stand out in a dazzling three piece, but in the wrong way! Temper your dress to the company culture, then smarten it up slightly. is the UK’s first online only recruitment agency.