Latest CIPD Jobs Figures: How Employers Might Be Affected by Brexit

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As reports swirl around decreasing jobs confidence, the Labour Market Outlook from the CIPD for Autumn 2016 offers valuable insight for employers. We’ve run through the report and have top takeaways for those looking to recruit online for new talent.’s Top Takeaways

Our top takeaways for employers looking to recruit are as follows;

• Twenty eight percent of organisations that employ migrant workers report evidence that these workers are considering leaving the UK. More than a third of organisations also believe it will be harder to recruit migrants over the next 12 months as a result of the Brexit vote. Effective recruitment and retention of your workforce will be key elements to work on if this trend could possibility affect you.
• Employment growth remains robust – however there is volatility across sectors; employment confidence has fallen sharply in private sector services, public administration and defence, whereas it has risen in manufacturing and production.
• Seventy percent of employers plan to hire staff in the fourth quarter of 2016 – demonstrating that recruitment intentions remain high. This could also indicate that the jobs market will remain a candidate driven one where competition for talent is fierce – something worth noting for employers looking to recruit.
• Redundancy intentions have also risen – 24% of employers are looking to carry out redundancies in the fourth quarter of 2016.
Pay expectations remain largely consistent with previous quarters at 1.1%. Across some sectors though, expectations are higher for example in manufacturing and services. In contrast, these expectations fall lower in the public and voluntary sectors.
• Reasons for hiring migrant talent were also covered in the report. Whilst only 8% surveyed said they employed migrants because of lower pay expectations and employment conditions, 9% cited language skills as their key driver for scoping out migrant talent. If fears about losing migrant workers become true, employers looking for language skills may face tougher recruitment prospects.
• Lastly, employers are keen to recruit more young people, apprentices and retain extra workers as part of their recruitment efforts. There appears to be awareness of what different age and skill sets can offer a company in terms of talent.

We want all our valued clients to know that our dedicated teams will continue to provide the best value and cost effective online recruitment service we’ve worked 11 years to build whatever challenges Brexit may bring to the market. You can register your vacancy here.