Brexit and Recruitment – What Will be the Effect?

The countdown to the UK leaving the European Union is ticking along and while the politicians slug it out, British businesses are still evaluating what effect it will have on them, not only in the future but in the present.

Staff Shortage

One of the key concerns is of the effect a reduction in EU migration will have on recruitment within specific sectors such as hospitality and agriculture, but aside from these sectors, migration plays a key part across the entire economy.

And with migration from Europe to Britain already at a four year low, businesses are being forced to make recruitment decisions before the UK has even left.

Coupled with an ongoing skills shortage in some areas, how are businesses going to replace these workers once we leave?

Alternative Solutions

One answer could lie in recruiting from outside of the EU and figures show that there has been a 13% increase in workers from outside the EU taking up a job offer where it’s proving difficult to find the right talent for the role.

But what of the effect on the existing workforce? According to a survey, there has been a 6% drop in employees feeling optimistic about the future, growing to 8% in “Generation Y” participants who are more likely to have voted remain. The same study also showed that more people are stressed about work, with participants suggesting they are worried that their skill levels aren’t meeting the requirements of the job.

One thing is for sure, the British business landscape is changing. With a rise in automation of roles, technology playing a greater part in the workplace and the dawn of Brexit, British businesses are being faced with a unique set of challenges when it comes to recruitment.