Can You Live Without Money?

James Allen lost a drunken bet over a year ago to live without using any ready cash and discovered that within society he found things took a little time to get used, especially the technology he missed out on although he found travelling around London to be the most difficult aspect of the challenge.


He found that by getting online, he could do most things he required such as shopping online and used researching free events that are open to the public. He stated “I had the mentality of having fun, but not having to pay for it.” He was even able to donate to the British Legions Poppy Day online but was unable to wear a poppy without donating with cash and he believes it is only “British stubbornness” that keeps the ready cash going.


The internet has made everything in life more accessible, for instance online banking can negate having to set foot in a physical branch.  If you think about searching for a job or a home thirty years ago, it would have been a lot different, requiring many face to face situations and meeting that can now be facilitated via the internet. For example you may use an online recruitment agency for job hunting and an online estate agent when searching for property.