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Santa’s Little Helper: Top Festive Jobs for This Christmas Season


It’s Christmas time and with that comes a need for seasonal workers. There are many ways to make a bit of extra cash over the festive season, we take a look at some suggestions from Undercover Recruiter, as well as a few fun ideas of our own!

Christmas Shopping
Arguably the most stressful part of the Christmas season is present shopping, and not just for the shopper! With stores being packed with festive bargain hunters, the retail industry takes on a huge number of new workers for the winter period. From working on the shop floor to warehouse sorting and picking, there are jobs to be had throughout the industry that could then lead to permanent work in the New Year.

If you fancy channeling the man in the red suit yourself, Royal Mail hires an extra 19,000 workers for the seasonal period. This means you can be your very own Santa Claus by helping the ten million daily packages reach their destination under the Christmas tree!

Festive Foodies
Another aspect to consider during the festive season is the introduction of foods that seem to have no place on our dining tables for the rest of the year. The humble turkey comes into the limelight in the UK and US for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so turkey pluckers are also in high demand. It may not be the ideal job for a vegan or those who find it easy to get queasy but with ten million turkeys being consumed this year, it will certainly keep you busy!

We have a love/hate relationship with Brussel sprouts and yet the festive season sees them served up alongside regular vegetables to become one of the staple accessories to the turkey. Believe it or not, in the week leading up to the 25th of December, four billion sprouts are bought to be served with dinner, with each person eating around fourteen each! Sprout picking is therefore an important seasonal job, as long as you like them…

Jovial Jobs
Whilst these jobs are great for the festive season and can help you earn a little extra cash for presents, there a few jobs that we think would make Christmas a lot more fun no matter how much you get paid. Which of the following could be your Crimbo career?

Mince Pie Tester – Making sure Santa’s mince pies are of the quality such a special person deserves, just be sure to leave enough for him.
Santa’s Data Entry Assistant – Father Christmas may have his elves helping him make and wrap presents, but all we can think about are the spreadsheets! Helping Santa input all his data – as well as the naughty and nice list – is important to keep the North Pole running!
Red Nose Polisher – Rudolf may not have been one of the original reindeer on the list, but having a perfectly-polished red nose at the front of the sleigh is the only way Santa can see through the night.

Which of the above jobs would you most like to do during the festive season? Of course we all know who has the hardest job of all this Christmas – Santa Claus!