CIPD Launches Stress Management Tool

We read an interesting article on People Management about the CIPD launching a new stress management tool which helps managers to assess themselves with the hope of improving their style which in turn could help to lower stress in the workplace. It sounds great; we have summarised the article below.

Stress has been identified as the number one reason for long term absence in the UK, and one of the key causes of this stress is poor management. To help curb the stress epidemic, the CIPD has released a new set of online tools to help leaders manage their teams in ways that reduce stress levels.

These online resources will essentially allow managers to “hold up a mirror” to themselves and help them to improve upon their management styles. It is hoped that, over time, these tools will have a significant impact on the levels of stress in Great Britain. Learning materials for HR managers are also available.

“It is in employers’ interests to ensure managers have the necessary people management skills to manage and prevent stress,” Ben Willmot, head of CIPD public policy, stated while warning about the dangers of stress in the work environment. He went on to list some of the dangers of stress, which includes making workers more accident prone and is linked to emotional disorders and a higher risk of heart disease.

Managers can cause or help prevent excess stress in the workplace.  As Bill Willmot said, “This tool enables managers to understand how their management style impacts on others and can help them change their behaviour over time.” It could well mean an economic boost for the UK if every person in a management position held up the mirror.

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