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Company’s Reputation: Even The Unemployed Pay Attention

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter recently, announcing the results of a corporate reputation survey. It appears that even the unemployed shun companies with a bad image. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

A staggering result came from a recent survey undertaken by Corporate Responsibility Magazine and AllegisTalent2 showcasing the results to questions about corporate reputations. Three quarters of Americans asked would avoid applying for jobs with companies who had poor corporate images, including those candidates who are out of work and desperate.

The CEO of Corporate Responsibility Magazine, Elliot Clark, said that the results “underscore American’s desire to align themselves with organizations that do more society than increase their bottom-line.” Clark expresses pride that, although a lot of Americans are facing a difficult time, people still refuse to work for businesses with questionable ethics and practices. Businesses should sit up and take note of these findings, as it highlights a direct consequence of poor business behaviour, affecting their abilities to attract and retain staff.

As heartening as the findings are, 58% of those asked admitted that, if offered a doubled salary, they would switch to a company with bad reputation. 87% of candidates asked would drop their current job to move to a company with a “sterling reputation,” with little to no promise of a pay rise.

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