Culture really matters when choosing a job

This article (originally posted on the Harvard Business Review) piqued our interest. Remember to ask questions about the company at interview stage in order to get to grips with your suitability to work in the organisation.

When job hunting, some jobs will excite you, others will leave you feeling stressed; some will appear to stimulate your personal growth whilst others will appear to stifle it. Unfortunately when looking for a new job, it is easy enough to accept the first good offer that shows up without looking deeper into the culture behind the organisation. However, it is definitely worth looking into the culture you’ll be working in. Failure to do this will result in your feeling disappointed if you the company you work for represents values that go against your ethical beliefs.

There are two questions you can ask yourself about a culture:

The first question is what is this company’s purpose? What is it that they are trying to do? Look at the things that give them pride, consider the things that make them feel important and evaluate things like teamwork, relationships, communications and ethical issues.

The second question is where can I find more information about this company? Look for information on the Internet, information in journals and periodicals and information that is offered by company itself like a published vision statement on their website. Remember that a lot of the information that you will come across will be public-relations information, so if you want to get a good view of what the culture is really like you should dig a little deeper and see what rival companies have to say. Maybe even ask a current employee questions when you are interviewed. – we help businesses and employers to find their ideal candidate. It’s simple and we charge only a low cost fee.