December – A Powerful Month For Recruiting

Psychologically, December is the dormant month that comes before the big push in the New Year. This reduced workload often gives a lot of people a chance to re-evaluate: would they like a new job, a better job, a different job? For recruiters, activity should be accelerated during December; here are some of the reasons why:

1.) The Gift of a Job
Whilst many recruiters may feel like they’re intruding on prospects during the build-up to Christmas, what better gift can they give than an opportunity of a new career and a new life?

2.) Free Time
The more free time a potential employee has, the more time they have to respond to recruitment calls and look for jobs themselves. The prospect of the New Year will prompt a lot of people into making changes in their lives.

3.) Christmas Bonus
With the pay-out of the annual bonus, many employees may be buoyed to find higher paying prospects as the incentive of their next bonus is a long twelve months off. If bonuses are thin on the ground, or disappointingly low, it can be a big wake-up call to look elsewhere.

4.) Mobile Platform
With more people answering calls and texts during the holidays, it’s high time to ramp up a mobile recruitment campaign. People will have phones glued to their fingertips, so be out there to be seen!

5.) Graduation
A lot of Universities, especially those with mature students or vocational courses, will graduate students at the end of autumn. This provides ample opportunity to snap up promising graduates.

There are a number of other reasons why recruitment is powerful in December, amongst which the constant thoughts about money and finance might tempt people into going for a higher paid job. The accelerated retail activity provides new jobs and it’s easy to make excuses to get out of work, to attend those difficult to make interviews.
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