Decisions, Decisions: Making the Choice between Working for a Large Corporate Company or a Small Entrepreneurial Business?

We came across an informative article from James Caan which looks at the reasons you should consider when deciding to work for a large company or smaller, innovative company. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Recruitment is about matching the skills of the candidate to the demands of the role and not necessarily about hiring the person with the best qualifications. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is never a good idea especially when it comes to recruiting for your business.

A candidate should look for a role that fits well with their personal skills and experience, and not simply their qualifications. It is also important to assess the nature of the firm you are applying for as it might not suit you altogether.

There are obvious differences between working for a large established company and one just starting out, and looking at which type would suit you is important.
For instance, working in a large company means you should have a clear understanding about where you will be working and what you will be doing. They will have established career structures, benefits and training as well as pension schemes. They will usually come with a good reputation and strong brand image to call upon if you decide to move on in your career.

A smaller business though, might not have the obvious benefits but there are plenty of reasons a smaller firm might suit you better. The security of the job will not be as certain as that in a large company but the excitement in a rapidly developing firm can mean you have a real sense of energy and atmosphere at work. The challenges in a smaller firm will mean new techniques, technology and changes of job role will be part of the package.

Flexibility and adaptability are key personal traits of employees working in a smaller firm and being part of a small team means that the interpersonal relationships are more important. Every employee is much closer to the key decisions within the company and every employee must work hard and take on extra responsibilities as they arise. There is no room for dead weight in a small business and every employee is valuable.

There is no right or wrong answer here but if you value a working environment you would feel more comfortable in, seeking stability and perks over buzz and atmosphere might be the right thing for you personally. – pioneers of low cost online recruitment in the UK.