Relocation, Relocation: Digital Candidate Perks

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The explosion in the online economy over the last few years is having a huge impact on recruitment and a shortage in the skills required to meet the growing demand for digital expertise.

With the skills gap increasing all the time, companies are going to great lengths to secure the best talent, with internal teams now using relocation packs to lure the cream of the crop to their company.

But is this the best way to fill a skills shortage or is it an approach that is doomed to fail?

Digital Relocation – What are the Stats?

According to research undertaken by Manchester based digital recruitment agency The Candidate (the findings of which can be seen on Onrec), 1 in 4 digital professionals have been offered a relocation package in 2016, compared with 17% in 2014.

And there’s a good reason why. According to the same study, 94% of digital candidates would relocate if the job offered the right perks.

But it could be an expensive venture, with 69% of packages including temporary accomodation, 42% including transport, 35% including an increased salary and 19% including legal fees.

It also suggests that the package might not be everything, with location playing a major factor in candidates’ desire to relocate. 40% were looking to move to a city they had always wanted to live in, with 33% using the opportunity to move closer to loved ones. Interestingly, 38% of people would want an increase in salary of over 25% in order to move to a rural location.

Should We Use a Relocation Package?

The demand for creative and digital talent remains high, especially for companies in Greater London, Birmingham and the South East, but getting people to relocate to take these opportunities is a tricky concept and not one it is easy to throw money at.

It appears people’s motivations go beyond just the financial, with employers needing to strike a balance between pay and other incentives in order to attract the right talent. And with people’s motivations for relocating geared around personal aspirations and being close to family, if you’re based rurally it’s going to cost you a lot to get the best talent through the door.

What We Think

In any company it’s important to have the best, most experienced people in the role, but often this comes at a price. If you’re struggling to fill a digital or creative role and need to offer a relocation package to entice the right talent, it may be worth using this as an opportunity to also recruit more junior members of the team that can learn from the experience that is being brought in. This may help to alleviate any future skills gaps and avoid costly relocation packages when future vacancies arise.

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