Skills to Look for in The Modern Marketer

Marketing and Technology Words

The PR and marketing industries are used to keeping pace with the changing face of technology. Indeed, tech has had such an impact in these sectors that we’ve found modern PR and marketing recruitment requires searching out a different set of skills when recruiting, compared with 5 years ago. Today we’ll look specifically at marketing recruitment, and how to search out talent in this area in alignment with top marketing industry challenges.

Marketing Challenge 1: Technology
With an abundance of CRM systems out there added into the mix with automated this, data crunching that and integration everything, grappling with today’s technology is not the only problem today’s marketers have. Often in charge of strategy and their budget, knowing which bit of tech they need is another pickle. As is what to do if it doesn’t work!

It’s hard to make do without smart technology, and identifying marketers that double as technophiles can do no harm to your marketing recruitment efforts.

Marketing Challenge 2: Time
Firefighting is a normal occurrence for today’s marketing managers as they meet the needs of IT, technology bugs, the board, directors, orchestrate campaigns, deal with agencies, printers and other suppliers. Strong time management is a must, and an ability to deal with stress perhaps even more so.

Luckily, “time management” is a skill often seen on resumes, and a good one to hunt out in this instance! Searching out resilient marketing talent is also important.

Marketing Challenge 3: Data Interpretation
We wrote recently about the pending GDPR legislation that will affect the majority of businesses. As part of this legislation employees present and future will need to be aware of what they can and cannot do with regard to data, presenting yet another technology related pickle.

We can’t get away from needing to use data, but increasing regulation controls just how we are able to do so. And it can be a fine line. How can you recruit for data savvy marketers that will keep your company compliant? Looking for quick learners who aren’t afraid to ask when they’re not sure is one relevant skill we’ve thought of that can be identified in the recruitment phase.

Marketing Challenge 4: Return on Investment
Marketing is classically seen as an expense over a revenue stream. And a big target for today’s marketers is proving ROI on their activity.

Identifying talent that can deliver a return during your online recruitment efforts can be accomplished through asking about past achievements and the return generated.

Today’s marketers have a lot of significant challenges. But find the right talent, and they’ll take them in their stride. Talk to to discuss the traits to look for in your next successful marketing hire.