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Do Not Embellish or Lie on your CV when applying for a job

We read an interesting piece on HRReview this week about embellishing and lying on your CV in order to secure a job. We recommend that you are honest on your CV, especially as companies are running more stringent fact checking procedures and you are likely to be found out! We have summarised below.
According to recent reports, it appears that many people do not always tell the truth on their CV. Even top CEOs are guilty of not being truthful when they write their CVs. Hays, a recruiter, says people who do not tell the truth on their CVs run the risk of being found out because of the implementation of stringent fact checking and social media sites like LinkedIn.

Barney Ely, the Director of Human Resources at Hays, acknowledges that there is a large amount of competition for jobs. Also, he says that this competition is causing top companies to use all resources available to them to hire the best applicants. In addition, Ely says that some companies are using social media to find the best employees and to check up on their qualifications.

Ely also says that stricter fact checking measures is the reason why many job applicants feel the need to not tell the truth on their CV. According to Ely, job seekers bolster their CVs to standout, enhance their careers and to impress companies.

All respectable companies always check the background and qualifications of all job applicants, so not being truthful is not a wise decision to make. Recruitment Agencies and companies are not impressed by untruthful applicants, and job seekers who do not tell the truth on their CV are unlikely to be hired. – helps businesses to find their ideal candidates. We do all the hard work with sourcing, sifting through CVs, through to organising interviews with candidates. It’s simple and we charge a low cost fee.