What Customers Want: Inciting Trust in eCommerce

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With the Internet of Things and other technology innovations from the exciting world of startups producing tomorrow’s tech today, eCommerce and buyer browsing habits are important to monitor. To this end research published has cited trust to be among the most important things customers look for when buying from an eCommerce website.

In addition, due to the world of technology growing so vast, it’s now no longer possible to be a “jack of all trades” in this industry. Business owners now need an eCommerce team formed of individuals with multiple talents.

We take a look at how one might incite trust through their eCommerce website below and how a business owner might compose his or her team in order to maximise on what consumers want.

Creating Consumer Trust in a Website

Last year Gartner predicted that digitally trustworthy companies could generate up to 20% more online profit. In addition, GetApp Lab has responded to this by listing how websites might earn this trust by taking the below steps. We’ve also added to this by showing what employee role might be responsible for each step:

  • Gaining customer reviews (role of marketing/PR team)
  • Ensuring browsing is secure and the site has an SSL certificate (role of technical team)
  • Ensuring the site has a clean layout and good UX (role of design team)
  • Making sure the company is easy to get in contact with (role of design/technical team)
  • Keeping content up to date (role of marketing/pr team)

Interestingly, of all the above customer reviews are valued the highest followed by secure browsing.

Cyber Security

In line with trust is the very real issue of cyber security. With higher numbers falling victim to ransomware, phishing and malware attacks, website security is at the fore of many news headlines. We’ve written about how small businesses can mitigate their cyber risk here.

Recruiting eCommerce Talent

With technology a growing industry and technical, IT and digital talent shortages well documented, it’s important to secure and look after these sought after individuals.

Some of the sectors we commonly recruit from into eCommerce roles include;

  • Sales
  • Retail Management
  • Merchandising
  • Buying
  • Design
  • Production
  • Technical
  • Product Development
  • Marketing/PR
  • Head Office


Finding talent that can make your eCommerce store trustworthy could prove decisive in generating bigger profits. The key to doing this is through your team, resulting the generation of user reviews, delivery of a strong UX experience and a secure, regularly updated and easy-to-navigate site.

Our eCommerce and retail recruitment service helps clients to secure the websites that consumers buy from and turn around a profit. Find out more here.

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