eCommerce Growth, News and Opportunities: Industry Roundup

Technology in eCommerce
The eCommerce industry delivers an exciting blend of new technology and traditional age old trading practices. Its continued proliferation has led to an influx of jobs both in smaller eCommerce businesses and larger ones such as Amazon. Today we’re looking at the latest news to emerge from this sector in addition to common complaints and potential areas for growth.

Strong Industry Growth

Despite the UK’s precarious relationship with Europe, the state of European eCommerce remains strong. Established eCommerce markets continue to fare well and there has been a marked increase in less established market’s sales. All over the continent, eCommerce continues to grow into an annual entity worth billions to its economies. Cross-border eCommerce is also strong and unsurprisingly, the age group with the biggest number of purchases is 16 – 24 year olds.

New Regulations for Online Food Sales

In other recent eCommerce news companies selling food online will now have to indicate its expiry date and maximum retail price to keep things fairer for consumers. This industry is constantly changing and any new regulations will mean more work for the workers employed in it.

Common Complaints of eCommerce Consumers

Areas where this industry has scope for improvement are in delivery speed, technical failures and damaged goods.

Important Skills for eCommerce Workers

For workers in this industry, there are an exciting set of skills that lend themselves to succeeding in it. These include;

  • Digital marketing: Online marketing is big business and mastering the art of attracting the right traffic to your online store and converting it into sales is challenging
  • Cyber security: We wrote about this recently here. This industry is growing exponentially as data hacks cause costly disruption for businesses around the globe. For eCommerce stores, their website is their front window. Any loss or compromise in this can lead to a loss in sales and reduced profits – not to mention incur other costs such as reputational damage. Cyber security talent is an integral skill for eCommerce businesses to have access to
  • Analytics: Cue the data miners! Analysis of sales, consumer behaviour, retention, drop off rates, marketing channels, success rates, margins and more. It’s a data fanatic’s dream and a veritable maze of information to work through
  • Research and Trends: Staying up to date with marketing and industry trends is important in a market for which the only constant is its rapid rate of change
  • Web Design and Development: It goes without saying that IT skills are paramount to a successful online store

With the eCommerce market growing, if any of the above skills sound like they suit you this industry could be the ideal environment to further advance your career. We have a number of opportunities within eCommerce recruitment which you can browse on our site.

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