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Popular Employee Perks for the Modest Budget

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Employee perks have become something of an extravagance for big-budget companies, encompassing free holidays, healthcare and cash bonuses. They work by developing loyalty and helping to retain talented staff, but oftentimes it’s the thought that counts as these low cost yet highly effective perks prove.

Top Cut Price Perks

The below are our three favourite cut price perks we’ve seen on offer by firms:

• Placement Incentives: As online recruiters, we understandibly love this one! Entrepreneur reported on a perk whereby if an employee recommended someone who was hired and stayed six months at the job, they received an extra paid day off.

• Monthly Lunches: Whether Wagamana is your bag, or it’s pizza you prefer a monthly “free lunch” for teams can be a great perk to have on offer – and tasty!

• In-Office Music: Beautifully simple yet so effective and of course, cheap. The benefits of music on productivity and mood are well documented so some time with the tunes on during the working day can be an excellent perk to offer to employees.

Health-Related Cost Effective Perks

The following perks take a more health conscious slant:

• Pets at Work: Whether it’s dog walking at lunch for physical health or having your pet in the office with you to grant you a sense of mental serenity, pets at work can be great for our health, and a free perk to implement to boot.

• Witness the Fitness: Group classes can incur the cost only of an instructor or trainer proving a very cost effective perk for companies. The long term and immediate benefits of exercise are numerous too and include better productivity and decreased absence and sickness.

Other Popular Perks

Some other cost effective perks we researched are below:

• Paid Birthday Off: Giving employees a day they’d likely have taken off anyway can be a great perk to offer.

• Free Car Washes: An express car wash for employees once a month was another perk we thought was great.

What We Think

For savvy employers looking to retain their talented staff on a minimal budget, this post shows there are plenty of ideas out there that can have maximum effect with just a little effort.