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Engage Your Employees for Maintained Performance

We read an interesting article on OnRec this week about employee engagement giving businesses an advantage in maintaining staff and achieving much more than unengaged employees. There are some great stats below and we have summarised accordingly.

Research has shown that companies taking time to engage their employees stand a better chance of maintaining performance. Employees who feel engaged in their careers put in more discretionary effort that can help an organisation survive the tough economic times.

Here is a collection of statistics from different surveys, which support this view.

• According to the Corporate Leadership Council, 87% of engaged employees are likely to maintain their jobs.

• Data from Gallup shows that engaged employees take an average of 2.7 sick days a year compared to their disengaged counterparts who take up to three times more sick days.

• Gallup also states that 59% of engaged employees affirm that their jobs encourage their most creative ideas. On the other hand, only 3% of disengaged employees share that perspective.

• The firm also determined that the growth of earnings per share for public companies that engage their employees the most are 2.6 times more than the companies with less-than-average employee engagement.

• According to Hay Group, engaging employees leads to 43% more revenue.

So how do organisations engage their employees? Dr. Hugh Billot, Group Managing Director at HR GO plc, gives these tips:

• Encouraging two-way communication

• Conducting employee attitude surveys

• Demonstrating commitment

• Implementing sound management procedures

• Applying expert selection, behavioural conditioning and testing when hiring temporary workers.