Working From Home, Working From… Bed?

Working from Home

Flexible working is the job perk that as a UK workforce, we desire the most. And although it’s not yet the norm around UK offices, for the few that are fortunate enough to be granted flexible working opportunities, there are some funny home habits we use to take full advantage of the situation!

Working From Home Habits

The first thing we noticed about these were that they were pretty much all sleep or bed related! The survey was of 1,000 adults and featured in RecruitmentBuzz. See for yourself the top five things we get up to when working from home:

  1. Working in lounge wear or pyjamas – 49%
  2. Having a lie in – 40%
  3. Having a nap during the day – 35%
  4. Watching daytime television – 32%
  5. Working from bed – 32%
One other confession included admitting to going on Skype or video calls in our pajamas too! Some respondents claimed they also fib when they say they are working from home – instead using it as an excuse to nurse a sore head or catch up on some sport.

Being Effective at Work 

These findings link in with another piece published about productivity. It usually takes a good 10 – 15 minutes to settle down into our work day; by the time we exchange pleasantries with colleagues and make ourself a coffee, time has already started to tick by.

So is it ok for HR managers to ask employees to come in earlier so they are working and productive by clocking in time and not merely present in the office? The answer is no! Staff should be paid for the duration they are at work. 

The article goes on to discuss that instead, taking measures with the aim of making employees excited to come into work is preferable so they choose to be productive at clocking in time, rather than being forced to.

Personally we think it can aid productivity to settle yourself into the work day and take those 15 minutes or so to yourself to do so. The social aspect of work is a valuable one, no one wants a colleague who comes into work and ignores them, instead making a beeline straight for their computer!

So stick on the kettle, have a natter and enjoy your working day!