Top Grades for Google in Fortune 100 Poll


“Great Place to Work” has run its annual workplace survey studying Fortune 100 working environments around the world to come up with their final list of the best companies to work for.

As an online recruitment agency, understandably we’re very interested to see which companies came out on top! The working environment can make a massive difference to morale and output and once hiring managers have finished the recruitment process its on to the workplace and that all important workplace experience.

So, who cinched the top spot and what industries give the best experiences to their employees? We take a look at the top 5.

1. Google
With over 21,000 employees, the search engine giant with its unique working ways took first place. Based in the US, this innovative company even keeps its lunch lines long on purpose – why? Because while people are waiting in line for lunch, they chat, and when people chat, ideas are born – genius!

2. SAS
SAS has over 6,000 employees worldwide. They’re an IT/software company with a big focus on health; happy employees = productive employees. They’re famed for their focus on that all important work-life balance which has clearly proved to be a good move.

3. CHG Healthcare Services
With approaching 1,400 employees this medical staffing company places a firm emphasis on a high trust work environment, a focus they retained even through the long years of the recession – and another that’s clearly paid off!

4. Boston Consulting Group
This company has 2314 employees and a performance-oriented culture, striving for a high-energy environment to benefit not only the client but the team and co-workers too.

5. Wegmans Food Markets
With nearly 44,000 employees worldwide, this is the first food company to make it on to the list. Based into New York their philosophy is that empowered employees who feel like they’re cared about deliver better customer service.

Other names you may recognise making it into the top 100 are DreamWorks Animation (ranked 12th) – arguably most famous for their epic Shrek series; Mercedez-Benz USA (ranked 30th), Deloitte (47th) and Banking provider American Express (ranked 51st).

Its interesting to note that all companies that rank highly have a focus on employee health, happiness and wellbeing in addition to improving business output.

You can read the complete list here.

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