General Election Promises: What Each Party is Saying About UK Jobs


With the general election approaching and jobs as ever a hot topic of debate, this week we cover the main promises from both the Conservative and the Labour party.  

Conservative Debates

Although Theresa May’s calling of the election is seen by some as a way to strengthen the Brexit negotiations as supposed to making a difference, jobs-related promises have nonetheless made headline news. Whether these are plausible and likely to be achieved or not is also up for debate as Labour have dismissed most of what’s been promised as extremely unlikely.

The main points to have come up in the manifesto include;

• Keep all worker’s rights currently guaranteed by EU law
• Put worker representation on company boards
• Protect pensions
• Create a statutory right to a year’s unpaid leave to care for a relative
• Create new protections for workers in the gig economy 
• Deliver a rise in the national living wage for workers aged 25 and over in line with average earnings until 2022 

Labour Debates

There is as ever much too’ing and fro’ing between the parties as mud slinging abounds… politics! However some key labour promises in relation to jobs are;

• Creation of a million “good quality jobs” across the UK
• Return of all NHS services to public ownership as well as railways
• Minimum wage rise to £10 per hour benefitting around 6 million workers
• Guarantee full rights for EU citizens living and working in Britain
One of the main criticisms of these promises however is how the party will pay for them.

There is much criticism toward and from both parties, but jobs remain an important part of this election. Which jobs promises would you most like to see fulfilled?