Getting Connected: Three Companies to Follow and Watch Out For


As an online recruitment agency, we like to keep up to date with the latest companies causing conversation in the industry. We’ve had some great new businesses follow us on Twitter so we’ve decided to give you a bit more information about these start-ups and the innovators which could be changing the face of recruitment in 2015.

Lemigo HR
The first company on our list of those to watch out for this year is Lemigo HR. Lemigo HR is an app for use with smartphones, tablets and laptops and it creates an area from which to manage all employees in one go, freeing up more time to spend growing the business. Some of the app’s features include holiday management, employee management, salary tracking and the ability to keep and eye on new and ongoing projects as they grow.

Lemigo HR can also produce reports and deliver meaningful statistics on the state of employees and their needs within the business. It has the benefit of an easy-to-use interface and an attractive aesthetic making it fun to use and enabling managers to manage more effectively on mobile – a key buzzword of the past few years.

Emolument is a website through which people can gain valuable information about their salary and rates of pay in comparison with others, whether they be from the same industry or not. Emolument collects and assesses data to give workers a better understanding of how much money they are making and whether this fits in line with what others are being paid.

The ethos of this company is to keep workers informed about the aspects that drive and propel them to succeed. Having all the vital information about their salaries when compared with others could help people make better decisions as to things such as where they work, the industry they work in and how to better their situations through learning where and how they can earn more money for their skill set.

Hashtag CV
This service is designed to take the headache out of CV writing by doing it all for the candidate. Hashtag CV has a range of CV templates available for download so candidates can be sure they are getting something both aesthetically-pleasing and with a legible layout. The templates range in price (this isn’t a free service) but the variety of choice makes it worth the money. Jobseekers can browse the gallery and look for a template which perfectly represents them as a candidate and person and it is also possible to pick a template which fits to the job role or industry they aim to work in.

For those who feel daunted at the prospect of both designing and writing a CV, Hashtag CV also provide a CV writing service. They take the information candidates provide and in turn, provide the words they really want to say. The company have three steps: determining what career level the candidate is at and where they want to be, conducting a telephone interview to ensure they get to know the candidate properly and the third step – writing it!

As an online recruitment agency, we understand the value of web-based recruiting tools such as the aforementioned companies. As 2015 gets underway, many will be looking to change jobs or find new industries, and we’re excited to see what other companies will offer to make online recruitment even easier in the coming months.