Google for Jobs Spells Exciting Times for Job Seekers… AND Recruiters

Google for Jobs

Google’s made no secret of its ambitious intentions with machine learning. Public efforts over recent years now mean that algorithms are smarter and the spectacular processing power of neural nets has enabled huge leaps forward in technology and medicine. To give an example, on the Google blog recently it was reported that machine learning had created an algorithm which detected the spread of breast cancer to adjacent lymph nodes and even sequenced the human genome, both incredible feats.

The rewards of machine learning aren’t only set to be reaped in the fields of medicine and technology, the future also looks primed for more accurate and better aggregated job searching too – which is music to our ears! 

Introducing Google for Jobs

As we produce and consume data at an outstanding rate, machine learning technology can get to work – and has been doing just that over recent years. Google for Jobs has been perfected as a part of this process and is now open for business to America.

Using key collaborations with major players like LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster and Glassdoor, Google’s search will allow job seekers to gain more accurate results and more relevant information as they use the engine to refine available vacancies.

How it Works

When searching for vacancies on Google using desktop or mobile, users will now observe in-depth results from across the web. Additional information users may see in job listings that appear includes commute time, hours, when the job was posted and job specialties. These bits of information will be saved and searched on by Google in the background to deliver more meaningful and relevant results for users. Reviews and employer ratings will also be available in addition to the usual job description and salary details.

The interface doesn’t look dissimilar to Google Maps and spells exciting times for the practical applications of machine learning.  

The Impact on Recruiters

Personally we think this is great for recruiters as it offers another opportunity for candidates to see job posts! For those looking to find new staff and employees they just landed another channel in which to promote their listing.

Google is publishing open documentation for all jobs providers on how to make their vacancies discoverable via Schema.

We’re extremely excited about this one and the evolution it could start for job hunting!