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Technology has become such an integral part of our lives that we are rarely more than a few inches away from a high-powered piece of tech. It appears, however, that Google has made the leap from mundane modern into fun and futuristic, showcasing a new must-have piece of innovation – Google Glass. This video demonstrates all its exciting features.

Below we look at Google Glass and how it can make waves not only in our personal lives, but in the world of recruitment.

What is Google Glass?
Google Glass showcases futuristic tech in all its glory. A pair of glasses with an attached mini computer and screen displays content directly within your sphere of vision. It responds to voice commands and performs a huge variety of actions including making and receiving voice and video calls, sending messages, checking emails and, of course, remote Google searching.

Can I Get One?
Technophiles have been waiting for Google’s next big thing since it became the global internet superpower we all recognise today and many are keen to assimilate their search requirements with the new computer headset and set off, handsfree. Unfortunately though, the “Glass Explorer Program” is only available to US residents; we’re still waiting in the UK!

Google Glass and Recruitment
Where does this fit in to the recruitment industry? Google Glass may be the next step in remote social networking, but it is not just the social aspect that is being embraced. Interviews can be conducted via international video calling and, while this on its own is not a new feature considering the popularity of programs such as Skype, the ability for managers and recruiters to broadcast interviews via Google Hangouts to other members of the management team is a feature being much discussed. Check out the video online at:

Good Points

Although connecting talented candidates with great employment opportunities has always been the key ambition of online recruitment agencies, Google Glass could make the whole process quicker and simpler. For people passionate about their work, or indeed finding work, this innovative product offers up-to-date information on the go and video and voice contact with anyone, anywhere.

The Bad Points
Integrating life with technology has been the goal of many over recent years but a lot of people suggest our love for it has made us engrossed to the point of obsession with all things electronic. So, could Google Glass add to the feeling of detachment between management and candidates? We’ll have to wait and see.

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