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Google: The World’s Most Attractive Employer

We recently came across an interesting article on Recruiter, proclaiming that Google has again been named the world’s most attractive employer. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Every year, global employment branding consortium Universum embark upon a study to determine the world’s most attractive employers (WMAE.) The international survey is split into two dividing categories, business and engineering.

Universum conduct the survey with almost 150,000 job seekers from the world’s twelve largest economies. Snapping at Google’s heels is KPMG, a global network of companies for audit and taxing. The third spot went to Procter & Gamble, the pharmaceutical monolith out of Cincinatti, Ohio.

According to the top dog of Universum, Petter Nylander, the relaxed and creative ethos of Google is a very attractive prospect for students. They seem to enjoy the workplace, the international atmosphere and the innovative products invested in by the search engine leaders.

Google not only wrapped up the business top spot, they’ve also taken the engineering number one for the fourth year in a row with IBM and Microsoft trailing behind.
Whilst the main aim of the WMAE is to find the attractive employers, it has also identified some interesting trends in opinion and employment;

• The automotive industry is becoming more popular

• Engineering students are attracted to oil, gas and energy corporations

• Management consulting is making a play in the business index

• Students are attracted by international careers

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