Government’s Universal Jobmatch Website in Furore over Bogus Vacancies

The Government’s Universal Jobmatch website has tongues wagging in the recruitment industry after an investigation concerning apparent false job vacancies was conducted by the Department of Work and Pensions. Channel 4 News made the allegations against recruiter Mark Coward which have been followed up by the DWP; here we look at the investigation so far.

The Universal Jobmatch website has been active since 2012 and has had previous incidences involving the advertising of fake job vacancies with over 3000 non-existent positions having been removed already.

Today’s Scandal
Coventry based recruiter Mark Coward is the latest to be caught up in the ongoing furore concerning the government site and has been barred from using his account. A Channel 4 News’ broadcast claimed that Mark Coward was connected to nine recruitment platforms which were allegedly responsible for one in fifty of all jobs posted on Universal Jobmatch.

Mark Coward
Mark Coward has previously had his account suspended during a previous investigation by the DWP regarding the same issue of false job vacancies. The prior investigation found him to have given the DWP “satisfactory assurances” that the jobs were genuine and the use of his account was then reinstated. Mark Coward denies any wrongdoing and is adamant of the authenticity of the vacancies investigated during the DWP’s current enquiry.

Latest News
The Universal Jobmatch site appears to have been dogged with problems of this nature since the beginning, and the Guardian newspaper recently reported of its possible suspension. This has subsequently been quashed by the DWP who have stated it was “wild speculation and just incorrect”.

Message for Recruitment
Regardless of the outcome of the present enquiry, there is a message for recruiters and candidates alike to take from these incidents including the importance of professional ethics. The advertising of false jobs can be earning the perpetrator a great deal of money and some of the DWP’s investigations have resulted in criminal prosecutions which prove moreover the significance of having a recruitment platform that is legitimate and trustworthy. Taking this into account, we’re proud to say that is a low cost online recruitment agency you can trust!

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