Graduate Recruitment Market Recovering, but Unemployment Still Sits at 9% Six Months After Graduation

Data just released on Friday by the higher education statistics agency indicates that close to 9% of 2010’s graduating class remain unemployed six months after completing university. These numbers are an improvement over last year’s data. Among Class of 2009 graduates, 71% had jobs or were combining a job with study after six months. Among the Class of 2010, 62% had jobs and 7% were combining a job with further study. Additionally, 14.5% reported themselves as being in further study only and 3% replied that they were unavailable for employment for other reasons.

This data, combined with a recent poll of employers that predicts a 2.6% rise in job vacancies this year, suggests a slow but certain improvement of the graduate recruitment market. The market is still highly competitive, however, with roughly 83 graduates applying for each open position.

The career prospects of some graduates seem decidedly better than others. The higher education statistics agency data indicated that graduates of Buckingham, a private university, had the best recruitment rates. They reported a 100% employment record, though the data rested entirely on a survey of 55 graduates. The better performing larger institutions included Scotland’s Robert Gordon University (95.7% employment) and Surrey (94.8%). The poorest graduate employment rates belonged to the University of East London, with a mere 78% of graduates employed after six months.

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