Graduate starting salaries set to rise

We read an interesting article on People Management about the increase of graduates starting salaries in the UK.  The survey points to positivity in the graduate job market with more job vacancies expected for graduates in the upcoming year. We have summarised the article below.

According to the latest research, the job market has become less volatile and starting salaries for graduates, which will average £26,500, should rise by 6 percent. A study among 215 employers throughout the UK revealed that, after a delay of three years, graduate salaries will no longer be standing still. In addition, as graduates try to launch their careers, there are 73 applicants for every job opening, but that represents a slight improvement over last year.

A six-monthly survey conducted by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) revealed that job openings should fall by 0.6 percent in the next few months, less than previously expected. Employers noted that the qualifications of the applicants have improved as well.

Another study, conducted by High Fliers Research, anticipates an increase in the number of job vacancies for graduates. Although there has been a recruitment freeze in a number of government agencies and departments, the report stated that vacancies for graduates in the public sector should increase by 20 percent this year. Jobs are also expected to rise in engineering, accounting, professional services, and investment banks.

The chief executive of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge, said that she was encouraged by these “real signs of recovery,” and that they are good news for both the employers and today’s job-hunting graduates. She feels that while the jobs market is still quite challenging, it is obvious that graduates in the UK have a better chance of success, and that they are also “highly valued” by their employers.

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