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Get New Year Ready With Our Interview Tips Taken From Successful Introverts

Landing the job of your dreams can be fraught with trepidation, anxiety and fear. Those candidates who naturally exhibit characteristics of an extrovert may cope with such stresses more easily than introverts, although it can be difficult for both. We look at introverts, and how qualities you might think to hinder you, can actually prove beneficial during an interview.

You’re a Perfect Planner

Planning is key. Whether it’s in preparation for an interview, arriving on time or simply being prepared for any eventuality, introverts tend to be great planners and have often made a win before the interview has even started in that they’re arriving fully prepped.

You Can Work Independently

When fielding tough interview questions, introverts can think independently and come up with an original answer. Additionally, they can set easily to any work tasks or tests that may arise during the interview process and be comfortable doing so.

You Know When to Call it Quits

If a question comes up that you don’t know how to answer, introverts can typically gage when this moment is, and when to say so. Rather than answering something badly, introverts know when to indicate that they don’t know the answer to a question.

You Can Keep Your Emotions in Check

Whether something makes you angry or makes you upset, you can keep your emotions in check. And the ability to stay calm under pressure is a vital thing for an interview!

You Are Good at Public Speaking!

Passion really shines through for introverts making them oftentimes great public speakers – even Barack Obama is classed as an introvert and he’s clearly incredible at public speaking! In an interview scenario this can help your case enormously. Communicating passion for the role you’re applying to is key, and introverts have the ability to do this.

You Form Solid Relationships

Finally, although not typically social butterflies, introverts do tend to form solid and meaningful relationships. Exhibiting your dependability during an interview will no doubt help your cause.

You can use the search feature on our website to look for your next position and we have a multitude of roles available in our online recruitment portal perfectly suited to all personality types. So, armed with the knowledge of how introverts are perfectly prepped for the interview process – don’t be afraid to apply for the job of your dreams in the new year!

And if you’re still worried, bear this in mind – you’re in good company: Barack Obama as mentioned above, JK Rowling and Audrey Hepburn are all introverts, so if nerves are holding you back from applying for that job – go for it!