Highest level of women in UK boardrooms

New research conducted by the Professional Boards Forum discovered that the level of women with careers as directors of boardrooms in the UK has risen substantially since 2010, leading to the highest number ever. This report follows demands from the government to take action over the gender inequality present in UK boardrooms.

Currently, 14.9 per cent of the directors of the UK’s largest companies are women. In 2010, the number was 12.5 per cent. Currently, 15 companies have reached the goal set by the government to have 25 per cent of their board made up of women.

The founder of the Professional Boards Forum, Elin Hurvenes, reported that attitudes toward appointing women directors have seen many changes, and that significant progress has been made. Ms. Hurvenes stated that the previous problem had nothing to do with the talent available, but could instead be attributed to outdated attitudes and a failure to recognise the skills that women could bring to UK boardrooms.

Despite this success, boards consisting solely of men can still be found at 10 FTSE-100 companies. This group of companies is primarily comprised of mining groups. The government’s target was to have 33 per cent of recruitment and appointment to boards be women, and since March, appointments have only reached 25 per cent.

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