Hire the Candidate, Not their Skills.

Job descriptions and CVs aren’t enough to make the final decision in the hiring process. The interview is a vital cog in the machine of recruitment because we have to assess the human in the mix; not just the skillset and employment history. The War for Talent has grown to encompass some heavy hitting weapons over its life, with big data, screening tools, analytics and social. But all of these need to be applied correctly to learn about the candidate on a very human level, so applying these techniques helps you to find the right person, not the right CV.

Know yourself and your company.
If you move quickly with the industry, challenging norms and developing new techniques,your candidate needs to match this. The most highly qualified applicant can struggle to fit in with a company that doesn’t fit their personality. Know who you are, and who your company is so you can assess your interviewees with your corporate character in mind.

Know your team dynamic.
Knowing the dynamic of your team and who the real players are within it should give you a clue as to what kind of candidate will be able to integrate themselves and instantly contribute. Human functions and relationships can be just as important as qualifications and experience.

For candidates: know yourself.
Both sides of the interviewing table can make use of these lessons, so it’s important for candidates to understand their own motivations. Would a larger company suit you better, or the location of the office? Would a long commute put you off or would the right salary make it worth your while? Assess your own traits and what makes you happy. Figuring out what you really want in the process and the kind of corporate attitude you can sympathise with and contribute to.

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