How Do You Search For A Job?

In Today’s difficult job market it is more important than ever to explore every avenue when looking for searching for an applicant, using agencies to find a candidate is easier for the employer seeking their employee, than the people out there looking for employment. Most SME recruitment services can find several great applicants that fit your requirements with very little trouble but in this environment the pressure is on those seeking employment to know how to search.

Of course you must sign up to a reputable and professional agency who offer positions within your sector but you will need to be active in your job searches too.  Most people professional or otherwise look for items on the internet via a search engine and this is where how you search becomes important.  The words you use to search and how you type them into the search engine will vary your results quite dramatically. For example typing secretary job will show different results from “secretary job” which will look for both of these words together rather than the first one.  Also using “secretary job” +area will look for the words together along with an area and will give you a much more specific search.