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How Feng Shui Can Help You At A Job Interview

It is not obvious how feng shui would help you at a job interview but feng shui is more than just moving furniture around in your home, it is the art of being balanced and having positive energy. Assuming you have applied through a low cost recruitment agency and have found a job you really want, then getting through the interview stage is your next step.


A job interview can be especially stressful and the energy you give off can make a real difference to whether you are successful or not. The smallest thing, such as how you sit or shake a hand can give someone an initial reaction to you and your person. Channelling the right energy, thinking positively and being relaxed, is just as important as knowing the correct responses to questions you have been asked.


So here are a few pointers to giving off good, positive energy:

Arrive a little while before the interview, say 10 minutes, as it makes you look keen and shows you are a punctual and courteous person. When you are waiting do not spend time pacing up and down or flicking through magazines, as it shows a lack of focus and nerves. The best thing to do is to simply find somewhere to sit and try and act as if you already work there.


Your appearance on the day also sends a message to prospective employees. Look at all the details of your outfit, don’t wear anything that is too busy and stick to plain and simple colours. If you’re not entirely sure what to wear, ask before you get there! Before you leave, look in the mirror for a final check that you look respectable, this will help to build your feeling of self worth and confidence that most employers are looking for.


Always be enthusiastic about what you’re talking about, if you’re not interested by something your responses will usually be weak and you wont win any friends. Speak clearly and concisely but don’t talk for too long, let them ask for more information if they need it.


If you have any past employment that does not portray you in the best light (such as being fired) then talk about it honestly but from an outsiders view. Simply state what happened and the reasons why and let the interviewer make up their mind. Try and say how you have learned from this experience and what you will do differently next time.


Make sure you understand the company, what they do and who their clients are. Not knowing an a lot about the company will look like you don’t have any real interest in the position, which could cost you the job.


All interviews are stressful but if you keep your mind focused on achieving, feeling confident and at one with who you are, then you will show the very best of yourself.