How to Get the “job-hopping” Balance Right

How much is too much? It’s a question we ask ourselves daily. Am I working too much? Did I spend too much? Does my CV show too many jobs? The last one may not be a daily occurrence, but it’s an important question. We all want the perfect job. Whether we’re looking for more money, job satisfaction or just in need of a change. Is job-hopping helping or hindering our ever faithful CV?

Avoid Being a “Flight Risk”

You want to show yourself as a top candidate rather than a potential flight risk. Moving roles has to be beneficial to yourself, improving your financial standing is a big benefit. Gaining experience is needed to land a role with higher pay, if you’re considering a move then you are more than likely going to secure a pay rise. Working with different organisations and in different positions will help you gain the experience and should always be positive.

Getting the balance doesn’t just come from the number of jobs you have had, your CV will also show how long you have committed to your previous employers. It can be a tough one, you may go into a role thinking it is perfect for you but end up hating it or the opposite, you may become stuck. Both things can negatively influence you, with the average person staying in a role for 4.6 years according to an Economic News Release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it begs the question, what is the perfect amount of time to stay? Staying too long labels you as comfortable, but too short labels you as unreliable.

What Your CV Says About You

Be aware of what your CV is saying about you. Making lateral moves, leaving without a valid reason, staying because you’re comfortable could all hinder your chances. Your future employer will look at your CV, but ultimately they are hiring you! Tailoring it to each individual role and focusing on your achievements and experience will show them the person they are hiring. Making sure you are taking on jobs that are relevant is key, we all want to be the best and we are all vying for a potential employers’ attention, but making sure your moves are smart, beneficial and suitable will have the biggest impact. The term job-hopping may have been tarnished, but if you’re doing it correctly, your CV will show the perfect balance.