How’s Your Boss Doing?

If you’re serious about getting ahead, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to advance your career. Chances are that you’ve picked up a few management books or talked about promotion strategies with your friends. There’s one question, however, that can make a big difference in your work life but that most people never think to answer. That question is: “How’s my boss doing?”

This question offers a simple and effective way to analyse your own career. It tells you what you value and whether you think your work environment is a healthy one. It can also help you determine how you’ve been performing. If you feel like your boss is doing relatively well, you probably have a pretty good relationship. If you feel like your boss is doing fantastically, there’s a good chance that your performance is also quite good; your boss is probably rewarding you for your good work. When you feel like your boss is performing poorly, however, there’s a good chance that you are really the problem. Poor workers have a poor relationship with their bosses.

It is possible for your boss to be in the wrong; if all your peers also feel like your boss cuts corners or if other managers think your boss doesn’t do his or her job, your work may not be the problem. If you’re the only one who feels the boss isn’t up to snuff, however, your work may actually be the cause of this issue. Before you start casting the blame, take the time to re-evaluate your own performance. – Leading online recruitment specialists in the UK