Perk Up: Ten Unique Company Perks

Company Perk Scuba Diving

The challenges that go alongside a candidate-driven market are well documented. For example this piece by Undercover Recruiter explores last minute salary increase requests and the importance of managing expectations.

However, there are ways to make a candidate-driven market work to your favour, and with high salary offers not necessarily a) possible and b) the most powerful way of attracting and retaining talent, we’ve looked at our top ten perks HR departments have implemented at well-known brands that can help bolster your online recruitment efforts.

1. Chesapeake Energy
Chesapeake are a US natural gas producer. The oil and gas industry has suffered its share of PR negativity but this perk is wonderful. They offer a free SCUBA certification to all employees – and access to an Olympic size swimming pool.

2. Akraya
This is another American company, a staffing agency to be precise. And it’s offering a wonderful perk to help employees create a better work/life balance by paying for a professional cleaning service to clean employee homes every two weeks. We don’t know about you but the draw of having a free cleaner would be very tempting to us!

3. Burton
Burton are producers of snowboards and all employees receive free season passes to hit the slopes. Better than that though, if it snows 2 feet in 24 hours the whole company shuts down for the day and teams get a day off.

4. Huddle and Airbnb
These companies go for cold, hard cash! Not new but still effective. Huddle gives employees a £5,000 joining bonus whilst Airbnb offers staff $2,000 to go travelling.

5. The Body Shop
The Body Shop pays for 5 volunteering days per year. And with volunteering being one of the most rewarding experiences, we think it’s a first rate perk.

6. Opus Professional Services
Fancy a free holiday? Opus has a villa in Italy that employees can use free of charge whenever they want.

7. Visualsoft
This company has clearly been paying attention to what employees want! They offer unlimited holiday time and unmonitored flexitime – this ranks top among what employees want the most.

8. ARM Holdings

For every four years of service with ARM Holdings you get a 4 week sabbatical – a great way to inspire employee loyalty and improve retention.

9. Swinton Insurance
Struggling to cram all your Christmas shopping in before the 25th? This company gives employees an additional day’s holiday for Christmas shopping.

10. Jagex
Jagex is a developer and publisher of online games, no doubt lots of jobs that mean sitting down all day. So to encourage employees to get active they offer free bike repairs at the office, encouraging teams to keep fit.

Whether looking to retain employees, or boost your digital recruitment efforts in this candidate-driven market, there’s no excuse for not offering perks!