Improving Productivity in the Workplace

We came across an interesting article from Forbes recently, which looked at a number of ways to improve the productivity of your workplace. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

There has been a vast amount of research in modern business on how to increase the productivity of workers, from re-decorating the office to empowering employees. Business owners now have access to a range of tools and techniques to maximise their company’s output.

There is a wide disparity between the temperatures in which people feel comfortable, but research has dictated that productivity peaks between 71o and 77o. Cooler temperatures have been identified as one of the main causes of lagging employees in the afternoon. Working in 68o or less results in an increase of human error and by increasing this temperature – errors fall by 44% and typing output increase by 150%.

Offices have been the haunt of fluorescent bulbs for decades, but research from 2012 has revealed that natural light is far better at keeping employees productive. The report showed that workers experienced “dramatic feelings of sleepiness” after working under artificial light.

The colour of office décor can have a big impact on worker’s comfort and ultimately their productivity. The most effective examples of this are:

Yellow is stimulating, bright and cosy.
Red is arousing, fiery and aggressive.
White is open, neutral and sterile.

Decorating different areas of the office with respective colours can change the dynamic of each room, for example conference rooms might be painted in pastel yellow to keep a neutral yet creative environment for brainstorming. are leaders in online recruitment in the UK.