Interns unpaid in the UK

As the country continues to feel the after effects of the economic volatility in the United States and in other countries in the eurozone, the youth are paying the price with high levels of unemployment. Unemployment among the young is reaching all-time highs, and many people who are looking for their first job are taking positions that are unpaid in which they have to undergo incredibly untoward environments.

Many of the companies that are hiring young students and recent graduates are doing so as unpaid interns, are actually breaking the law: it is quite clear that if an employee is adding value to a business that he or she is eligible, and also required to be, paid the minimum wage of the country.

However, in an attempt to save money, many companies are taking full advantage of the desperation of young people to find a job. They are hiring them under the table as unpaid interns and are subjecting them to incredibly awful working conditions. However, many young employees are fighting back with the help of the employment laws.

Many employees are demanding and receiving back pay for their unpaid work in the court systems. Users who are subjected to unpaid internships are advised to seek out a lawyer or their local employment agencies for restitution.

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