Is A Degree Worth It?

We read an interesting piece on People Management this week about the importance of having a degree in the workplace in 2012. What do employers think? Are degrees still valued or do you hire based on relevant job experience? We have summarised the article below.
A new survey that included 200 business and human resource managers has discovered that many employers feel that experience is more important than a degree in the field.

The results of the survey were stunning.
• 53 percent would be as well off or better equipped with working in the field than obtaining a degree.
• Work experience is more valuable than education for most fields.
• 29 percent stated a degree is worthless.
• 54 percent said a degree was needed for a job
• 46 percent of Human Resources claimed a University degree was not necessary.
A different study of more than 2000 recent University graduates revealed that many feel the same way as managers and that their time would have been better spent working.

Quentin Crowe, the managing director for The Marketer’s Forum stated, “Having been drip fed for years the myth that possession of a degree, in any subject and from any university, is the only way to get ahead in life, the reality seems to be that there are some serious alternatives to three years in higher education and a mountain of debt.”

The last decade has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of University graduates. The rising costs of tuition may force more people into the workplace without a degree. The research has shown that this may not prove to be an issue for most employees which will make the decision to forgo University easier.

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