Is The Future Ship Shape? - Recruitment Revolution

Is The Future Ship Shape?

A three year campaign has started to recruit over 1,000 skilled workers in the ship building industry in Scotland as Scottish Enterprise have to complete a £4billion contract for the Royal Navy.


The campaign is set to recruit new people to the trades because of many existing workers retiring. Although the official figure required is 1,000 workers, the projects themselves will underpin a rejuvenation of the area and raise around 10,000 jobs in all areas of industry and business.


Scottish Enterprise spokesman, Ian McMahon said “the shipbuilding industry is a growing and vibrant business, which is welcome news in what is currently a climate of economic uncertainty, however, we need to ensure that we retain the vital skills that make Scotland the leading centre for high-technology warship construction and repair.


Some of the career paths available are designers, welders, apprentice engineers, naval architects, and crane operators.  With a wide range of careers available, many applicants are expected. Enterprise Minister for Scotland, Jim Mather said the small business recruitment would add to the country’s expertise in shipbuilding. “Scotland is a significant player in the shipbuilding and marine industry and this campaign will drive the development of a new skilled workforce capable of serving the future needs of the industry.”