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Is Your Business Lean and Green? Not Unless The Board Say So!

The Chartered Management Institute have accused some businesses of holding back progress into a greener working environment because self interest is more important. Most businesses have Green policies along-side the normal working codes of practice but the CMI have found that business led by people of a certain generation tend not to have implemented any greener changes within the work place. The accusations of being selfish and apathetic, that are frequently put towards the younger members of society are now being levelled at the older board room generation, who have not done anything to help the environment.

Ruth Spellman, CMI’s Chief Executive clarifies, “Making green management ‘business as usual’ is a key challenge facing the profession today. It’s frustrating that the majority of managers recognise this but are being held back, either because of a lack of leadership commitment, complicated regulations, or inadequate resources. We hope the recommendations in this report will give managers the tools they need stop paying lip-service to green issues and start taking action.”

The nation-wide survey included 1,500 managers and showed that 85% had made changes to their recycling habits but less than half had implemented energy efficient light bulbs and hardly any had seriously looked into efficiency for their IT equipment. This just proves that there is a long way to go in the fight to be greener. Perhaps looking into efficiency as more than just extra effort and thinking about the cost to the environment and the size of the carbon footprint should be a priority to directors and managers at all levels.

The CMI are trying to encourage a change of attitude from the top as this is where the policies of any company start and challenge them to make changes towards greener working practices by 5th June 2010 – World Environment Day. Encouraging energy efficiency and recycling is so important to modern businesses and can also help save them money as well as the environment, which benefits everyone.

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