IT Salaries Rise To Double US Average.

We came across an interesting article from recently, which documents the rising pay of IT workers. They have recently risen to nearly twice the national average. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Working in technology in North America is looking to be a very sensible decision. By this time next year, IT workers will be earning almost twice than their non-computing compatriots. Ere points out that some will rise even higher, potentially 12 percent above the average salary. 

An increasing number of graduates and a decrease in jobs lead to an expectation that employers will be able to pay less, but there is vast competition for technology talent. Robert Half International noted that although tech salaries are already amongst the nation’s highest, they will continue to rise at a rate of 5.3% compared to the average of 3%. This could mean that an IT analyst on the equivalent of £30,000 can expect to see a natural incline of over £1500 per year, without promotions or bonuses.

IT workers are privileged, and specific areas of technology will see even larger increases. Mobile developers will see a 9% benefit, understandably with the explosion of smartphones. Those working on the internet and in data can expect 7.3% whilst additional and highly specialised skills will see their bearers earn up to 12% more than their colleagues in the same role.

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