Jobs of the Future: From Robotics to Re-Wilding

With the creation of new technologies and innovative startups comes the need for new job roles to meet the ever-changing needs of the corporate world. However, with the world changing so rapidly, a recent study by the Canadian Scholarship Trust Fund suggests some rather crazy sounding new career opportunities may be introduced sooner than we think…

Environmental Jobs
The study was conducted with involvement from foresight strategists in order to try and accurately predict how variables such as the environment, health and modern lifestyle could affect the job market. Issues such as the environment may create such future roles as a Rewilder, whose primary objective will be removing certain roads and areas of the countryside that have been destroyed by human interaction and replacing them with trees and natural greenery. In keeping with the importance of recycling, another role could be as a Garbage Designer who might ‘up-cycle’ rather than recycle, turning unwanted items into higher quality and better designed products. 

Healthcare Jobs
With healthcare systems a constant talking point in today’s society, the position of Healthcare Navigator could be a welcome future aid to those who find the whole idea of managing proficient health a nightmare; the job duties of this role would include helping people and families with paperwork and helping to translate medical jargon into more digestible language. 

Of course we are discussing the future, so the idea of robotics is never far away. Telesurgeons could be able to operate on patients remotely with robotic arms and although the concept of Telesurgeons is not a new one, this study expects its popularity to rise. The Robot Counsellor, who helps families decide which android is best for their home, could also be a prominent job role as robotics become more innovative.

Lifestyle Jobs
With our changing needs as human beings, jobs surrounding mental wellbeing have also been predicted to crop up, including the Nostalgist, whose job it will be to help older generations decorate their lives with elements of the decades of their youth, perfect for combining historical interest with interior design. On a more existential level, the End of Life Therapist might have a future role working with clients on a sensitive planning procedure for the final years of life, making the process simpler by utilising both knowledge of social work and psychology. 

The jobs conjured up by the study are expected to be real positions in some form by 2030, suggesting a lifestyle pattern consistent with what society is experiencing now.
Perhaps sooner than we think, a Garbage Designer could be the engineer’s true calling, or future generations will be training in Robot Counselling. Sociological changes certainly do affect the world of recruitment, but only time will tell if these jobs will become a reality!

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