Keeping Hold of a Great Candidate

Recruiters around the country always try to keep hold of a great candidate, but even the best in their field can’t retain all of them. Following a set of points and guidelines will help you understand the candidate and their needs and can assist you in reducing your loss of outstanding candidates.

It can be an impossible task to correctly place a candidate without fully understanding what they currently do and what they want to do next. Those who cannot see the bridge between their current position and their next will often wane in their enthusiasm, so finding a candidate who matches a role rather than trying to convince a candidate to match one is imperative.

Control & Offers
Arguably the most critical stage of the hiring process is the offer; so much rests upon the offer and so much can affect its outcome. Candidates will react most positively to offers from somebody they know and trust, so their personal recruiter rather than a distant M.D. Controlling the offer well and making sure that it is a summation of previous conversations is a good way to remain close to the candidate.

Questions & Uncertainty
Most candidates find themselves stepping or falling out of the hiring process as a result of recruiters not asking the right questions, rather than asking the wrong ones. Once a candidate has been placed with a job, recruiters should still be guiding them and finding out if it really is a good fit and how both parties feel about the position. Knowing what’s going on in the head of a candidate can expel potential disasters later in the process. Some good insightful questions include;

• Are you comfortable moving to a smaller team?
• Are you worried about leaving established friends and colleagues?
• How are you taking not being in charge anymore?
• Do your family support the move?

Knowing the emotion as well as the logic behind a move is incredibly important. Understanding whether the candidate feels that they are making the right choice can avoid any disasters as the hiring process continues.

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