Keeping the Grass Greener

The recent economic downturn may lead employers to believe their staff are lucky to have a job considering how many people struggle to find work. However, assuming employees will stay because the other options appear harder can lead to staff seeking new employment. With one in five workers planning to leave their job this year, it is more important than ever to keep your employees driven, passionate and happy with their role.

Why Is Staff Morale Important?
Some businesses may have high staff turnover rates for reasons other than morale, but it is important to consider how the general mood of your staff affects not only their job performance but that of those around them. It can be hard for managers to focus on their staff and their targets equally, but the happiness of your working team directly correlates with company performance, and profit.

What Can Managers Do?
There are many ways in which managers and company bosses can rejuvenate their employee’s passion for the job. It starts by making the grass greener where they already are, offering competitive salaries and bonus schemes to make them feel valued and respected.

Bridging the gap between management and general staff also appears to be important; employees must feel a valued and equal part of a team who are pulling together to reach the same goal. Staff who feel constantly bared down upon and under pressure to reach targets without receiving praise or thanks can feel despondent, which could easily lead to them wishing to try their luck in a different position.

Finally, mutual feedback is a valuable tool for any manager and thusly must be implemented as a two-way scheme. Managers must offer regular feedback, be it praise or criticism, and must be prepared to accept such feedback as well.

How Will This Benefit Business?
Although having fresh members of staff can be beneficial to a company by injecting a new energy, keeping members of staff who have been loyal and dedicated up to the present day is one of the most important things we can do to maintain business performance and profits. Firms that focus on employee wellbeing tend to do well financially, a trend we’re observing frequently.

Although it can be tough to find work, there are many low cost recruitment agencies which make it easier now more than ever for people to change up the way they work and search for a job that offers more – no employee is guaranteed to stay. It is imperative to implement value and respect into all aspects of teambuilding in order to retain quality staff who share a unified vision for your business.

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