Labour Councils Stash Away Billions While They Cut Local Services

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has gone on the attack today against the Coalition’s state spending cuts.

However, a breakdown of council figures strongly indicates that Labour’s own local authorities are sitting on stacks of money instead of spending it to keep jobs alive.

The Conservative government minister, Grant Shapps, lays the blame squarely on the Labour councils.

“It’s unacceptable that they are not spending their reserves on saving careers.”

Miliband fired back accusing the Tories of “diverting attention” away from the Coalition’s scheme to strike communities with “the worst job cuts in an entire generation.”

According to the Conservative Party’s study, Nottingham’s key considerations for next month elections include increasing childcare, adult social care, road maintenance, such as street cleaning, reduced budgeting for libraries and axing jobseeker support – whilst they sit on a cash reserve amounting to £50.7 million.

Cash reserves in Liverpool have increased to £121.7 million. There is enough cash to build several secondary schools, while recruitment services, nurseries and leisure centres face funding loss.

Coventry will cut disabled children’s learning services, while Labour sits on £31.3 million. Blackburn with Darwen’s reserves increase to £12.7 million, but they decrease support for families with problem children.

South London’s Lambeth council, one of the country’s poorest boroughs, will close libraries – with £93.7 million in reserves. The list goes on.

These reserves exist so that councils are able to react to unexpected issues; sensible planning means putting money away while the sun shines to cover rainy days. With the Labour’s deficit, it’s pouring on all of us. – an online Recruitment Agency