Lack of sympathy for public sector from private sector as strikes loom

With more and more cuts occurring in the public sector, workers are beginning to appear in droves to protest. Public workers are worried that their careers are on the line. Unite, the United Kingdom’s largest public union, is ready start up a major initiative to protect public sector pensions. Unfortunately for Unite, many UK private workers are not supportive of the effort. Private sector workers have already had to deal with huge losses of jobs. Those who remain employed have sacrificed raises and the ‘ease’ of public sector jobs. Many more have had to take massive pay cuts.

A survey conducted by recruitment experts Badenoch & Clark showed that a full 56% of private sector workers are opposed to strikes on the part of the public sector. Another 14% of private sector employees claimed to be strongly opposed to public sector strikes. Although there are workers opposed to strike represented in every profession and age group, the majority of those speaking out against the strikes are above the age of 55.

Despite the strong opposition among private sector workers, Unite is continuing in the recruitment of union supporters and activists. Union members feel that workers have been unfairly targeted by the government, and that it is time to use their voice to ensure fair treatment of public workers. – recruitment experts