Landing Your Dream Job – Tips and Tricks

In a survey by Resume Bear, statistics showed that a third of all Americans will be job hunting in 2013. Whilst this might include the 23 million under or unemployed, it also applies to those already in full time work. Employers and employees are no longer bound “’til death do us part’ in today’s economy. Further statistics show that people will hold an average of “10 to 15 jobs” during their career.

Advice For Landing Your Dream Job
1.) Responsibility
o Finding the job begins with you. No economy, political party, or corporate entity is responsible. Job hunt with the right frame of mind, knowing you can do it.

2.) Know Yourself
o Evaluate your strengths; reflect on where you want to be.

3.) Find a Mentor
o Find experience if you’re entering a new field: volunteer or contact influential players in the industry. Respect their experience and take their advice; keep the relationship mutual.

4.) Niche
o Become the expert of the specialised subject or field. Develop your skills and market your expertise. Use blogs, classes and training sessions and market them to industries and potential clients.

5.) Brand
o Brand yourself, particularly digitally. Capitalise on the opportunity of social networking and consider it an online extension of your CV.

6.) Network
o Utilise personal connections and business networks. Involvement in the community with non-profits always helps. Contact temp agencies to work with and consider your networking as a full time job.

7.) Free Agent Economy
o Flexible and part-time arrangements are becoming more and more popular. USA Today reported that “many businesses plan to bring on more part-time work” and “trim the hours of full-time employees.” Employers view people who have been out of work for more than two years as worse than those with criminal records. Make sure you hold down jobs and don’t leave gaps longer than six months.

8.) Persistence
o Great careers take some time to find. Don’t consider your task completed with a CV and cover letter: try being bolder by taking your potential manager to lunch and attending company events. are UK leaders in low cost online recruitment.