Lights, Camera, Action: Video Interviewing Platforms and Tips

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Three years ago, six out of ten hiring managers used video technology for interviewing and this number is growing according to Undercover Recruiter: it’s easy to see why. Read on for our video must dos’ and popular platforms.

Why Video?

The pros of video interviewing are clear to see – it’s a massive timesaver and it can save significant cost too – both in terms of time costs and monetary costs. For forward thinking and tech companies video interviewing can also be a great way to represent their brand ethos.

Similarly the cons are also easy to spot. Despite the fact you can see the person you’re interviewing face to face, there really is no substitue for the body language and undertones you can get from a physical face to face interview situation. From presentation to tardiness and attitude.

It’s still gaining in popularity though – and so we’ve got some hot presentation tips taken from Undercover Recruiter below.

Video Must-Dos

These include the following:

1. Dress professionally from head to toe – we’ve heard about an unfortunate candidate who dressed impeccably for their video interview… from the waist up only. After standing up to innocently shut the door, they got found out unfortunately!

2. Tech trouble is inevitable – and testing for everything that could go wrong can pay dividends. One lesson for tech is that no matter how “easy” someone says it is to set something up, it usually involves a wrong turn or two, so get to grips with your tech early!

3. Bland is Best – backgrounds that is! That picture of you hurling down a water slide at Alton Towers might not be the best background to have on display for the duration of your interview.

Popular Platforms

If you want to get ahead of the game, we’ve got a list of popular platforms for video interviews below you can familiarise yourself with the handling of:

• Skype: Old faithful, free for calling other Skype handles and great quality.

• Google Hangouts: Again this is a free platform and intuitive to use.

• GoTo Meeting: GoTo do conference calls, webinars and everything in between. So this may well be the platform of choice for your interviewer.

What we think:

As an online recruitment agency we love our tech! And although we appreciate the value of a true face to face interview – the time and cost saving abilities video offer in the recruitment space are fantastic. Just make sure the tech works on the day!