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Lottery Draw With An Employable Prize

The Italian Government are behind a scheme in one of their larger supermarkets in the country, whereby customers paying over 28 Euro’s ($40 or £24), will also be given a ticket entering them into a special lottery, which shall be drawn next month. The winners receiving a full time job!

The superstore is based in the north of Italy, in Varese, but it is only open to residents of Italy who are 18 or over. They are expecting to give out at least 700,000 lottery cards over the next few weeks. The prizes in the lottery are 10 full time jobs in the store for at least a year and the contacts are renewable after the year, depending on the individuals involved.

The supermarket bosses will not be matching the Superenalotto’s (the Italian national lottery) typical payout as it has previously reached 146.9m euros (£128.3m; $211.8m) however the supermarket feel that this is a prize really worth having during this economic crisis.

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