Wise Words for Fast Growth Companies: RecruiterBox Speaks to Startups


It’s all well and good us talking about how important a dedicated recruiter is for managing rapid organisational growth and stabilising staff turnover and performance, but let’s be honest – we’re kind of biased. When it’s cited by unbiased business owners however it adds more weight – and this is exactly what we’ve been reading.

Online resource Recruiter Box spoke to a number of businesses about managing rapid growth pains when it comes to talent. And some of the points we found most interesting and relevant are below.

The Power of a Dedicated Recruiter

“The decision to go without a dedicated recruiter is the type of cost-saving measure that hurts companies in the long run”. Jill Witty, VP of Operations at Entelo. (Quote from Recruiterbox).

Recruiting is often seen as a cost rather than an investment. However not having a dedicated recruiter can do more harm than good as recruitment becomes reactive and talent that is not a cultural fit or is not in the right position costs more than it makes. If someone doesn’t “own” recruiting, it can easily get neglected.

The reason for a lack of dedicated recruitment reason pointed out is mostly the high cost of a recruiter, however for our clients that needn’t be a problem as our online recruitment service offers the best value for money – along with some of the lowest prices around (just saying!).

Other Talent Management Practices for Rapid Growth

Other points we found informative from the article are below:

1. Let Go: Business owners have a huge emotional attachment to something they’ve built from scratch. Delegation therefore, can be enormously difficult! Letting go and assigning tasks is important though to retain talent – and also makes the case even stronger for having a dedicated recruiter. Would you delegate duties to someone who is not the perfect hire or fit for your company if you’d built it from scratch?

2. Middle Management…Management: This can be a tricky position to be in and to handle when hiring. Lacking the authority and decision making power of an executive but required to manage subordinates with enforcing decisions they may not agree with – the middle man is easily left out and report of depression in this job role are higher than in others, however good hiring and investment in this area can avoid a disconnect between those at the top of the tree, and those helping it to grow at ground level.

3. Internal Promotion: The solution may not always be to hire externally. And if a dedicated team member has been with you from day one and someone new comes in above them, it could cause friction. Internal promotion can help manage growth in this way. rapid

What We Think

We’re delighted the importance of a dedicated recruiter has been highlighted as a rapid growth management strategy. And even more delighted that the main problem with dedicators, ie high cost, is one we inherently solve by our very nature by being solely online!